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Texas Holdem poker hands – rankings

The fundamental knowledge when playing poker is understanding poker hands. It will be difficult for a beginner to remember all of them at first, but it’s just a matter of time. Texas Hold’em is a very simple form of poker (in terms of rules), so don’t be intimidated.

We have prepared a small poster with a visual depiction of all the combinations in poker – from the oldest (Royal Flush) to the youngest (High card). You need to read the chart, consisting of two columns, vertically, from left to right. Those. Royal flush – Straight flush – Four of a kind, etc.

Below there will be explanations for each hand, the probability of receiving them, as well as many other nuances.

Explanations of poker combinations

Royal Flush

Chance to make a hand: 0.003%

Royal Flush is the king of all combinations, it beats everyone else, but it is extremely difficult to get it. Even if you play online at several tables at once, you can wait for it for years (and never wait at all).

Royal Flush is, in fact, a regular flush (five cards of the same suit), only from ten to ace.

Street Flush

Chance to make a hand: 0.028%

A straight flush is also a flush, but consisting of five consecutive cards (hence the name: straight + flush). The second-strongest combination in poker is also extremely difficult to get, but when all this happens, victory is almost always guaranteed.


Chance to make a hand: 0.168%

Four of a kind is a five-card hand, in which there must be four cards of the same denomination, for example, four kings or four queens. Four of a kind is already much more common than Royal Flush or Straight Flush.

It is not uncommon for four of a kind to be on the table (i.e. on the flop, turn and river, say, KKKK-3 was put ). In this case, to determine the winner of the hand, they look at the kicker (high card). If you have an ace as the kicker, and your opponent, for example, has a ten, the pot is passed to you.

Full house

Chance to make a hand: 2.596%

A full house is three cards of the same denomination + two cards of a different denomination. For example, three twos and two sixes (they say “twos and sixes”). Moreover, the seniority of full houses is primarily determined by the face value of three identical cards. Those. aces and tens are stronger than kings and tens.


Chance to make a hand: 3.025%

Flush (five cards of the same suit) refers to those poker combinations that are almost always heard. A flush is quite common and guarantees a win in most cases.

The seniority of the flushes is again determined by the seniority of the cards. Let’s say an ace high flush is always stronger than a king flush.


Chance to make a hand: 4.619%

Straight is five consecutive cards of any suit. An important feature of this combination: the ace can be either the low or the high card. It means that:

  • the lowest straight will be the “wheel” – A-2-3-4-5 ,
  • and the oldest is 10-JQKA .

Seth (Thrips)

Chance to make a hand: 4,830%

A set is three cards of the same denomination. Many people confuse set and trips , although these are two different combinations, identical in strength. The set is collected when there is already a pair in the starting hand (and one card on the board), and the trips – when there is a pair on the table (and you have the third card of the poker combination in your hand).

An important feature of the set (as opposed to thrips): it is very difficult to read (i.e., to put such a hand on an opponent – it is extremely veiled).

Two pairs

Chance to make a hand: 23.5%

Two pairs speak for themselves – these are two pairs of cards of the same denomination, for example, tens and aces. The seniority of these combinations is determined by the seniority of the cards included in them. Let’s say two pairs of kings and nines beat two pairs of kings and sixes.


Chance to make a hand: 43.8%

You will get a pair of any strength in almost every second hand. This is one of the most common poker hands. Do not forget that this is also a five-card combination (like all the others).

High card

Chance to make a hand: 17.4%

The high card (kicker) is, in fact, the absence of all the hands sounded above. For example, there are two players involved in a hand, including you. Before the river, no one made a pair or anything stronger. Who did win?

In this case, the winner is determined by the kicker (highest card). Let’s say there were small cards on the board, no more than an eight. You have A-J in your hands , your opponent has KQ .

You win with an ace kicker.

Important nuances in understanding poker hands

All hands in Texas Hold’em are five-card and can consist of one / two starting cards and four / three community cards, as well as five community cards on the table.

The color has no power and plays a more decorative role. For example, five cards of diamonds are identical in strength to five hearts of the same denomination.

The highest combination ALWAYS beats the combination weaker . Those. two pairs of twos and threes are ALWAYS stronger than a pair of aces. Or: a flush is ALWAYS older than a straight.

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