Wed 12th – Fri 14th November 2014


Abbie Scott

at 12:34 on 13th Nov 2014



This modern adaptation of Sophocles’ classic, Antigone, was powerfully delivered by a small cast of talented actors. Based on Anouilh’s play and translated by Lewis Galantiere into more relevant language, this classic tragedy of a young woman resisting the injustice of authority, was portrayed with great passion and triumph.

The modern twist included three narrators, formidable grim-reaper characters who emphasized the tension and fateful plot of the story. Antigone, stunningly performed by Caroline Yorke, is the idealistic niece of King Creon, who refuses to accept that her brother's body must be left to rot because he was a traitor to the city. Her strong morals will not allow Creon to go unpunished for this decree. She defies his law and even the concerns of her own family to give her brother the burial she believes he deserves, despite knowing that her disobedience will lead to her own certain death.

Creon, delivered flawlessly by Alan Brown, tries to protect Antigone by convincing her that her stubbornness is not worth dying for. But she refuses to take the easy way out and insists she will continue to do the right thing, despite his threats and pleas. The impassioned dialogue between Creon and Antigone at the beginning of the Second Act was the highlight of the play, their argument forcing the audience to really question their own philosophy on family loyalty and selfless actions. The range of emotions covered by both these actors was impressive: anger, regret, sorrow, hysteria, desperation. The echoing loss at the end of the play, with the death of not only Antigone but also the suicides of her fiancée and his mother as a result, was painful to watch.

By using some of the elements of a traditional Sophocles production, such as costume and set design, while incorporating language that really speaks to a 21st century generation, this play captivated the audience on every level. The struggle of Antigone will linger in the minds of the people lucky enough to witness this special performance thanks to the particularly strong performances of the two main characters.


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