Rory and Tim: On the House

Sat 3rd – Sat 24th August 2013


Rose Bonsier

at 12:49 on 10th Aug 2013



With a highly ambiguous name such as ‘Rory and Tim’ you’re left with very little to go on when musing over what the show will actually be about. Having never been to something on the PBH free Fringe before I had no idea what to expect from the experience, but I was in for an entirely brilliant surprise. Upon arrival I discovered that 1 – I would be watching an hour of sketch comedy, and 2 – that the name ‘Rory and Tim’ was misleading and inaccurate anyway, as Rory and Tim were also joined by Ian.

The show kicked off with an enormous amount of energy and excitement from the trio. This didn’t falter at all throughout the performance, and the three successfully created a series of sketches that were both visually hilarious and wittily constructed. Without giving too much away or creating any major spoilers, I’ll try to give you a brief flavour of what the show has in store...

They generally stuck to a small selection of sketch formats that they repeated in different scenarios when it wasn't expected. All of these were very cleverly observed, playing on subjects including famous works of art, the ban on using a mobile phone whilst driving, states of relationship crisis and even computer passwords. One of my favourites involved some fruit pastels, and that's all I'm saying. With magnificently exaggerated situations and a keen eye for presenting numerous concepts from a bizarre angle, the trio brought together a well prepared show. There wasn't a weak sketch in the bunch, and every new idea was just as great as the one before.

Whilst Rory and Tim, and also Ian of course, are well-known and respected on the circuit of comedy performers, their comic genius doesn't seem to have been discovered by the Edinburgh masses yet. But it won't be long - I can confidently say that this is the best show I've had the pleasure of reviewing so far, and would highly recommend it to even the most picky of comedy connoisseurs out there.


Eliza Plowden

at 00:22 on 11th Aug 2013



Rory and Tim are in fact Rory O’Keefe, Tim Schneider and Iain Stewart; three charismatic guys who like making people laugh. Their sketch show, ‘Rory and Tim: On the House’, is part of PBH’s Free Fringe, and is by far the best free show I’ve seen so far this summer.

It’s impossible not to find the act funny, since the jokes are principally taken from real-life scenarios to which anyone can relate. You may not instinctively think of two tubes of Fruit Pastilles in a vending machine as comic fodder, but ‘Rory and Tim’ can make anything hilarious; they perform sketch after sketch inspired by everyday occurrences. There’s a BBC Sport-style commentary of an English GCSE exam, a police investigation of Picasso and an emergency operation performed on the victim of a failing three-year relationship (Think “The first cut is the deepest”, and you’ll get the gist of their pun-heavy humour). There are also some recurring jokes, like the one about the guy who doesn’t know who the Prime Minister is, which give the show a nice sense of continuity.

Although many of the scenes are hilarious, some of the jokes catch on better than others. Some are a touch too eccentric, such as the gym scene, which switches from realistic to sci-fi before you know what’s going on; I personally prefer their witty observational humour. The fight between Mark the Metaphor and Louis the Literal is arguably my favourite, proving that simple ideas can receive big laughs with relatively little effort.

‘Rory and Tim: On the House’ is certainly a popular show. The venue at The Dram House was heaving, and the boys even had to change their set on one occasion as the crowded venue prevented them from walking through the audience. The production is simple, as is to be expected from a free show, but the props are imaginative, like the ‘Second Aid box’, which comes complete with a cup of tea, a Get Well Soon card and other items that are “good for the soul”.

Rory, Tim and Iain are equally entertaining and immerse themselves in their roles throughout, whether they’re playing a Scottish television presenter or a French model from a scent advert. These guys clearly enjoy entertaining, and the chemistry between them makes the show all the more rewarding to watch.

Overall, I highly recommend ‘Rory and Tim: On the house’. Go along with some mates, grab a beer and have a laugh at this witty, silly and gregarious trio.


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