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Viki Browne


Viki Browne is a performance artist making solo performance about the pathological, psychological and social challenges of life and death. She is interested in the worst of times, and how we respond to, perceive and come to terms with ourselves, others and the and the world around us. she tackles complex and often taboo issues in an unflinching, informed, irreverent and compassionate way.

She uses high theatricality, lighting, projection, text, humour, music, recognisable images from pop culture and the live event to say the unsayable. She uses autobiography as a starting point to begin a dialogue between herself and audiences uniting them in a time and place to share feelings of vulnerability.

Her work is collagic, begging borrowing and stealing from performance art, fine art, stand up comedy, spoken word and cabaret. The work has been performed in small and mid scale theatre and fringe there venues including, Bristol Old Vic, The Northcott Theatre, The Barbican Plymouth and Camden People’s Theatre.

Viki has been supported by Bristol Old Vic, The Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter Arts Council, Exeter University and is a member of Bristol-based arts collective Interval.

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