Skin Deep

Wed 27th Jan 2016


“Not Everything is Black and White”





Substance & Shadow Theatre


Substance & Shadow Theatre are proud to announce the return of their acclaimed play, Skin Deep, which played to sold out venues in 2013 and was hailed as “Grass roots theatre at its greatest” by Arts Award Magazine.

The year is 1980. Born out of the cultural melting pot of Jamaica, London and Coventry, Ska and Two Tone music is sweeping the nation! Skin Deep takes audiences on a Double Decker bus ride back to the eighties to experience how subcultures, that evolved in Britain’s major cities, sent shockwaves that reverberated across the UK and touched the hearts and minds of West Country youths.

From the ghettos of Kingston Jamaica, via The Kings Road to a Devon city, Skin Deep evokes memories of the unique culture of the eighties; the people and the places. It is a celebration of subculture that is comic, tragic and deeply poignant.

Four lives are touched and entwined forever by the music, fashion and culture of the day but friendships are stretched to the limit and bonds tested when Jem suddenly returns ‘home’ from London, bringing with him a new identity.

Secrets and jealousies from the past bubble to the surface, but why has Jem decided to return and what made him leave all those years ago?

Skin Deep explores themes of cultural identity, working class values, race and sexuality in a Devon City through the eyes of four young characters set against the volatile backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain.

Admission: £8(£7)

The Wardrobe Theatre (The Old Market Assembly)

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