22:22 - A Selection of Microcosms

Wed 13th May 2015


“A collection of witty yet unsettling poetry and prose.”

Ben Crowden


In a boiler suit and some cowboy boots, Ben Crowden is the ranch-hand of alternate realities. Join him as he takes a whistle-stop tour across the multiverse, in an order chosen entirely by the audience.

Offering a choice selection of the most absurd situations, we will ask:

What constitutes a less than ideal bedtime story?

In what circumstances would cannibalism be acceptable?

And when can you truly call yourself a changed man?

So sit back and enjoy.

The world is your oyster.

Except for the universe where the world literally is an oyster.

Nobody goes there.

It stinks.

Ben Crowden is a performance maker based in Bristol. Inspired by the early European avant-garde, he seeks to explore complex questions through performance, but is aware he probably won’t get any answers.

Admission: £5

The Wardrobe Theatre

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