Abigail's Party

Mon 24th – Wed 26th Mar 2014


“At the end of March, Spotlight's will take over 40 Alfred Place to host Mike Leigh's iconic 70's comedy 'Abigail's Party'. ”





The Bristol Spotlights


The play takes place in Beverly’s wonderfully tacky 70s home, to which she has invited her new neighbours, Angela and Tony, and her uptight divorced friend Sue. Beverly is determined to make her evening a success but the harder she tries, the more her plans unravel. It’s sad, funny, and very, very awkward.

The site-specific nature of the production means we'll be turning 40 Alfred Place into Beverly and Lawrence's own home, so you'll be sat right in Beverly's living room with her watching the chaos unfold.

The show runs from 8-9.30, but once Beverley’s finished hosting we’re planning to make a night of it so bring a bottle and stay until 12 for (cheesy 70s) music, hopefully equally cheesy dancing and drinks!

Admission: £8(£6)

40 Alfred Place

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