Don Quixote: Tales from La Mancha

Tue 8th – Thu 10th Apr 2014


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Whispered Secret


Whispered Secret Productions makes its theatrical début in Bristol this April! With this ambitious project, they will once again bring to life Cervantes’ timeless story of Don Quixote. While working to distil the story back to its simplest form, the focus lies in digging deep into the core themes and ideas; these ideas are still relevant today despite the story being first published over four hundred years ago.

The adventure begins with a fifty year old man who, after becoming obsessed with books of knights and chivalry, longs for his own adventures. His obsession grows and grows until he decides he shall become a knight himself, finally setting out on an old horse into the world; a world that falls short of the make believe lands of his stories.

Whispered Secret felt the story of Don Quixote was perfect for their first theatrical release since the character and story embody a lot of the ideas at the core of the company. This personally-funded production could only have been brought to life with the work of its passionate and talented volunteers. Our collaborative spirit has been contributed to by people from a range of talents, backgrounds and experiences; one that bleeds it way through all levels of this production and visibly lends itself to the story.

Doors open each night at 7pm, for a 7.30pm start.

Admission: £7(£5)

Bierkeller Theatre

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