The City and Iris

Thu 24th – Fri 25th Apr 2014


“Iris’s every day is a haze of grey…”





Glass Eye Theatre


Today seems just like any other morning for Iris. But when her glasses break in a seemingly innocent accident, she finds herself departing on a strange journey through the city she thought she knew. An optician performs an unusual examination, familiar doors open into new spaces, but where will all of this lead her? Before Iris’s very eyes, the world is beginning to come to life in bewildering and thrilling new ways. The oddities of her co-workers in the library, the prophetic newspaper vendor she passes every day, even the ducks in her local pond — Iris is discovering that the extraordinary is all around her and that, most surprisingly of all, it lies within.

Lispa-Lecoq trained Glass-Eye Theatre revel in physical storytelling to playfully probe the surface of life’s little ambiguities. The City and Iris will lead audiences of all ages into a comic physical universe where every living and inanimate thing is waiting to reveal its unexpected inner life.

"An absolute joy."

★★★★ The Scotsman

"Charming and immaculately executed."

★★★★ Total Theatre

"This group ooze ingenuity, creativity and an astute eye."

★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

Admission: £5

The Wardrobe Theatre

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