Morag and Keats

Tue 11th – Wed 12th Jun 2013


“Edinburgh Fringe preview of a brand new exciting film noir parody.”

1945 Productions


Morag and Keats is a play noir following the antics of Detective Keats as he attempts to avenge the murder of his partner in (solving) crime, Dixon. Parodying the film noir genre, Morag and Keats combines satire and farce with a plot and characters which are every bit as absurd as the genre itself. It was the winter of 1948, the war had ended but Detective Keats came home to find a war raging on the streets of New York City. Keats and the sexually-confused Chief of Police were on the front line, battling crime, hunting the elusive crime lord Scalarsi. But Keats encountered something that would throw the investigation into jeopardy. Morag was the kinda dame that could make a priest assault a nun. And much like that priest, he was gonna have to kick this habit.

“Wonderful... perfect, hilarious & well gauged to an Edinburgh audience” - The Stage

“The script crackles with sharp dialogue” - Bristol Post

(for Be Fruitful and Multiply, Edinburgh Fringe 2012)

Admission: £6(£5)

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