Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter

Sun 10th Feb 2013


“A new musical about a Rabbi's daughter”





Emily Rose


No one expected Rachel Wiseman (Rabbi Wiseman's daughter) to leave Seminary after only a month, not even her. In fact, many assumed she would find herself a husband and be married within the year. To everyone's surprise, she returns home to find her room has already been converted into a study for the synagogue. Now she has strayed from the plan, how far will she go?

'Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter' is a fictional one-woman musical of tradition vs modernity and stability vs excitement. Which will she choose?

This is a special recording of the musical and admission is completely free, though please feel free to support this wonderful pub with the purchase of a beverage or two.

You can preview the music here:

Admission: Free

32 Princess Victoria St Bristol, City of Bristol BS8 4BZ, UK

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