Set You Free

Wed 23rd – Thu 24th Jan 2013


“Three sisters. A tragic car accident. A funeral to organise. A visitor from the past. And a revelation that threatens to rip a family apart.”

Another Story


Sisters Tasha, Ellie and Kate are brought together by the sudden death of their mother in a car accident. Kate, the youngest is determined to pursue a career as a professional dancer. However, she still has her schooling to complete and auditions to pass, and now she might have to face the prospect of losing her home. Ellie, the middle daughter is preparing for her wedding to Pete in a matter of months. However, the fact that he has chosen to go off on his 'stag do' rather than attend the funeral infuriates Tasha and Kate. Tasha, is the eldest, and has just had to say goodbye to her husband, Tim, as he sets off for Afghanistan. Separated from both Tim, and their young son Nathan, Tasha feels incredibly isolated. As all three sisters attempt to deal with what is happening, a visitor from Ellie's past arrives, who plunges her into deeper turmoil. As if things weren't difficult enough, the night before the funeral a shocking secret is revealed that threatens to rip the family apart...

Admission: £10(£8)

Bierkeller Theatre

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