Wed 25th Jun 2014


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Substance and Shadow


London, 1977 and the two sevens clash! Britain is celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and England is dreaming. The Punk Rock explosion has ripped the music industry apart, laying its guts bare and everybody wants to be on Top of The Pops.

Set against the volatile backdrop of late 70’s Britain, Duplicity follows the journey of identical twins, Tommy and Finn Kelly whose childhood dream of being in a band is torn apart when Finn is struck down by Polio.

Unable to come to terms with his brother’s affliction, Tommy escapes to London in a bid to control his own destiny, but his dreams are brutally shattered when unforeseen forces leave his sense of self identity disintegrating. From the safety and shelter of his fairground home, Finn is unwittingly lured into a maelstrom of chaos and disorder.

Exploring themes of identity, duality and deceit, Duplicity is a new and original play that uses monologue, interwoven with action, projection and music to create a powerful and candid drama.

“...Duplicity: exciting, gripping and brilliantly told...I was struck by the quality of writing and acting. It is so much harder to play to a small, very close audience with a sparse set and very few props, but Substance and Shadow make it look easy.”

Jenna Richards – Phonic FM

Admission: £5

The Wardrobe Theatre

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