Katy & Rach

Fri 23rd May 2014


“Showing as part of Mayfest at The Wardrobe 2014”





Katy & Rach


n 2005 Katy and Rach saw TJ & Dave perform in Chicago and their lives were changed for ever. Katy & Rach is a two girl improvised show about the beauty, awkwardness and tragedy of real life relationships performed by award-winning actresses Katy Schutte (Project 2) and Rachel Blackman (Stillpoint). Unlike other improv shows, they don’t play games or take suggestions from the audience, they just turn the lights on and start. So deft and detailed you won’t believe it is improvised. Come and witness a little world unfold.

“Think Pete and Dud, Bird and Fortune, Morecambe and Wise. Think a pair of comedians striking sparks off each other in ever more fantastical flights of fancy and then think Katy and Rach.” The Argus

‘Katy and Rach comes out as already complete script, economic and feeling as if it has already been under the editor’s knife… A skillset that few pure improvisation creatures have got - beautiful and engaging stagecraft.” Fringe Review

Katy & Rach will also be hosting an improvisation workshop:

FEELING THE GAP - Silence, Subtext and Trust

Saturday 24th May 2014

12pm-3pm @ The Wardrobe Theatre


email blackman.r@gmail.com to reserve a space

Admission: £5

The Wardrobe Theatre

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