Two Women In A Western & Inside The City Walls (as part of Off The Peg with Mayfest)

Tue 22nd May 2012


“A week of fringe performances from up-and-coming companies and artists.”





Squires and Sullivan & Martha King


Two Women In A Western

Do you want to move to Mexico?

Two Woman In A Western is a playful exploration of the romantic western movie. It appears that two women are rehearsing western scenes, using tapes and tape recorder they build up dramatic iconic moments from westerns. The women don’t want to be the bar maid or the whore, they want to be the main man; the cowboy who dies in the dirt.

The work also attempts to match feelings of being let down, with the iconic imagery of being shot down that is offered in westerns. They talk on the grand romantic gesture, of exposing yourself to be shot down.

Inside The City Walls

Martha has been visiting the churches of central Bristol. She has been sitting in pews, photographing ceilings and drawing the city skyline. She is wondering what a ‘sacred’ space might mean today, questioning whether we are still seeking the ‘spiritual’ and wondering where it is we go to be alone.

Martha King is a performance maker based in Bristol, working at the Parlour, as part of Interval. Her background is in multimedia and site based performance.

Admission: £5

The Wardrobe Theatre

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