Cuddles (a rehearsed reading)

Wed 2nd May 2012


“Cuddles is a horrific and darkly comic cautionary tale of control.”





IronClad Theatre Company


“Now. We can do this the hard way or we can do this the abject, excruciating, horrifying way.”

Tabitha makes a lot of money and likes weak men. She keeps Eve safe in one room, completely under her control. Eve thinks that Tabitha is the best sister she could ever have. She gives Eve books, plays with her, and hoses her down when she’s dirty. Sometimes she even takes her for walks. But do either of them know what the other is truly capable of? Taking control is easy. Knowing what to do with it, that’s the hard part.

Cuddles is a horrific and darkly comic cautionary tale of control. Part acerbic satire, part psychological horror, and part domestic tragedy of almost Greek proportions.

Written by Joseph Wilde, a bold new voice emerging from The Royal Court and Chichester Festival Theatre Young Writer’s Programs.

Seeing the rehearsed reading of Cuddles at The Wardrobe will give you the opportunity to see this original and exciting play performed first. Stay behind after for a drink and feedback with the cast, crew and writer. We would love you to be a part of developing this exciting new play before its run at the Capital Theatre Festival in Birmingham (25th - 27th May) and The Alma Tavern in Bristol (19-30 June.).

Admission: £2

The Wardrobe Theatre

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