Mayfest: 'Garage Band'

Thu 24th – Sun 27th May 2012


“Soundbite to be specified”





Richard Allen


Performed in a garage somewhere in the suburbs of Bristol, Garage Band is part DIY concert and part memory play, for an audience assembled on a driveway.

Inspired by Tom McCarthy’s novel Remainder, it follows the attempts of a singer to reconnect with his memory following a mysterious accident that involved something falling from the sky. Recalling tiny details of objects and events from his teenage years, he sets about reconstructing the garage band of his youth. Featuring live music, object animation and a smoking BBQ, join us for a beer and a burger in this unique suburban concert.

"Weird and wonderful…it will make you laugh at the same time as shaking your head in disbelief."

**** THREE WEEKS on The Lightning Conductor

Admission: £10(£7)

Botany Arts Studio

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