Post II - An immersive cinema event

Thu 25th – Fri 26th Jun 2015


“Soundbite to be specified”

Jigsaw Cinema


“Dust. A shit load of it. It covers disused counter-tops, an abandoned cupboard, and even a free-standing mirror in the corner of the room. This place hasn’t seen human life in a decade or more. Until now.”

You walk into an unattended place - an anonymous, empty place. You see the traces of time on the floor, on the wall and on the virtual images hanging in the air. Stained wine glasses, burnt candles, unfinished fizzy drinks, everything here tries to tell you something has happened. As the films unfold, you are taken into the past of this place. A young couple, a father and a son, they claim their own occupation of the place through their stories. Who owns the place? What does it really look? What can you discover here?

‘Post II’ takes the two short films ‘Ours’ and ‘The Soft Side of Heavy’ out of its original film set to an atmospheric world inside the Wickham Theatre. Unlike ‘Post’ (the first immersive cinema event made by Jigsaw Cinema at the 123Space Art Gallery) directly showed the films on the film set, ‘Post II’ creates a dream-like space for you to recreate your perceived filmic world. This is a collective experience as you will help the other to know the place. This is also a personal experience as your experiences diverge from the first choice you make.

Don't forget to taste, to touch, to smell, to draw, to write, to explore.

This event will last about 1-hour: 20-minute: be curious about the space (feel free to touch, to taste, to explore) + 15-minute finding out what has happened here before (two short films) + 25-minute: let your imagination lead you to recreate the space (you can leave at any time you want at this point).

This is a FREE event, but you do need to book your place IN ADVANCE as drinks and food will be prepared for attendees. Here is the link:

If you can't attend it after booking your ticket, please please make sure you email us to CANCEL your ticket as place is limited.

Check out the event photos from our previous event here:

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Admission: Free

Wickham Theatre

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