Nothing Changes - Ragged Trousered Philanthropists of 2015

Mon 27th – Tue 28th Apr 2015


“Nothing Changes follows the lives of a group of painters and decorators trying to survive in “austerity Britain”, especially Ruth, a sin”





Spaniel in the Works Theatre Company


Stroud based theatre company Spaniel in the Works bring the humanity to politics with their new work on a pre election tour with their show Nothing Changes.

Robert Tressell's classic work The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists provides the inspiration for a new piece of theatre exploring “austerity Britain” – Nothing Changes.

Featuring songs by The The, Stiff Little Fingers and The House Martins, the play explores the inequalities in society which still exist a century after Tressell’s classic book was published.

Set in 21st century Britain, the play follows the lives of a group of painters and decorators trying to survive. At the heart of the story is Ruth, a single mother and apprentice, trying to find a better life for her and her son.

Nothing Changes highlights the truths behind the headlines – focusing on zero hour contracts, foodbanks, immigration, the bedroom tax and benefit sanctions.

This emotional and sometimes humorous work explores the disparity in society and how after 100 years, nothing has changed.

What audiences said at the premiere of Nothing Changes

“A vital piece of theatre that needs to be seen by everyone”

“A timely update boldly done… poignant and relevant”

“Brilliant adaptation – funny and good at getting such a valid message across”

“An acerbic and sometimes desperately sad commentary on the state of our nation”

Admission: £10(£7)

Bierkeller Theatre

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