Tue 2nd – Sat 20th Jun 2015


“Is this THE END?”





SanaRt Theatre


Adam has been living in a bunker for 12 years and the crucial time arrives: He has to leave!

He is nervous about meeting the world, or what is left of it, but he still has time in his beloved shelter for an inquisition. He will have to answer a few questions he dislikes.

Kadri Ozcan’s bleak, but satirical play explores the shocking cost of survival, painful loss of companionship and having to face-up to the apocalypse! It takes us into the not-too-distant future, where artificial intelligence provides us with instant communication to the world, but still doesn't help us know what to say.

M0028 is a site-specific production, promising something new and unique to its audience. In the specially adapted venue, design and approach will introduce and explore hyper-realism in theatre. It will take the audience somewhere unusual and unexplored, where they will have the opportunity to witness Adam’s existence in the bunker and immerse themselves in the consequences.

SanaRt Theatre aims to push the boundaries of realism in theatre within conventional and non-conventional stage productions. Their successful site-specific production of My Girl by Barrie Keeffe explored these boundaries through evoking a sense of time, space and smell.

This is an extraordinary tale of the dissolution of humanity, about melting in virtual reality.

Directed by Emel Holifield

Designed by Sarah Warren

Produced by SanaRt Theatre

The Crypt-St Paul’s Church Coronation Road, Southville BS1 3DJ

8pm 2nd June - 13th June 2015 Matinees 2pm the 6th and 13th of June

Tickets £10 from The Tobacco Factory Theatre

tobaccofactorytheatres.com 0117 9020344

Admission: £10

The Crypt, St Paul's Church

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