Two Way Mirror

Mon 19th – Sat 24th May 2014


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Red Rope Theatre Company Ltd


Two-way Mirror is two related short plays by Arthur Miller, ‘Elegy for a Lady’ and ‘Some Kind of Love Story’ which are presented together.

In Elegy for a Lady a man enters a shop in search of a gift for his dying mistress. He gradually finds himself confiding in the shop’s proprietress who, rather curiously during the course of their conversation, seems to assume the characteristics of the absent mistress. As they very openly speak of their concerns and anxieties, the strangers are brought together and share a closeness which both have sought but never found. ‘Miller at his best!’ [The Daily Mail]

Some Kind of Love Story is a compelling study of two people destined by their mutual dependence to tear one another apart. Tom, a Chandleresque private eye, finds himself bound to the prostitute Angela whom he believes holds the vital information he desperately requires to resolve the case that has occupied him for years. The fragile and unstable Angela will, however, never reveal what she knows for she is equally bound to Tom in the desperate hope of receiving the warmth and affection she has always been denied. “An excellent, powerful play.” [The Guardian]

Admission: £10(£9)

Alma Tavern Theatre

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