UWE New Writing Festival

Tue 11th – Sat 15th Jun 2013


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UWE's Writer's Block


The annual Writers’ Block residency is a showcase of plays produced by graduates from the University of the West of England’s Drama with Creative Writing programme. Directed by staff, the Festival features three performances written and devised by students and graduates.

Treasure House written by Daisy Cochran.

Jerry and the Dog devised by Tabitha Mayhead and Oliver Prain.

Again, Today written by James Tapp.

Treasure House presents us with a home for old people where friendships are as intense and volatile as they have always been in the long lives of those who now share the day room. This is followed by a comic piece of physical theatre, Jerry and the Dog, which explores one man’s encounter with a threatening canine. Two performers alternate the roles of man and dog with hilarious results in this breathtaking, visceral performance. Again, Today, our final play of the night, follows two men as they while away their time in an underground library. It is a play about being in love with dreams and ideas, and moves from the comic to the poignant with great subtlety as tea is drunk, illusions are shattered and an escape plan is hatched.

Opening Night £5 Special Price Tickets*

Admission: £9(£7)

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