Look Back In Anger

Wed 13th – Fri 15th Mar 2013


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Rewind the clock back to the late 1950's, a time of gender and class conflict, everything exacerbated, Britain on the brink of change, still facing its many obstacles. This is the extraordinary setting for John Osborne's play, which focuses on a couple, Jimmy and Alison Porter, a married couple in their mid-twenties, she from an upper-middle class background, he from working class. On a regular Sunday afternoon, amidst poverty, ironing and newspapers, Jimmy sits, fed up and angry, unable to remember why he would love someone who, he feels, is unmoved, restrained, incapable of showing how she loves him. The drama erupts when Alison, alone with Cliff, their neighbour and close friend, confides in him that she is pregnant. She is faced with the pivotal choice of either telling Jimmy and facing the potentially drastic consequences, or leaving her disquieting life and returning to her father and the British Establishment.

The circumstances for these characters are set in Britain's past but their emotions are very much our present. So please, come and watch the battle play out, with a wonderful cast of five, live trumpet music, on-stage brawls, passionate kisses, bear, squirrel and mouse games and a script that, to this day, remains a milestone in British playwriting.

Tickets from £4 to £6

Admission: £5(Free)

MR5C, Lady Windsor theatre

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