Metamorphoses: Fables from Ovid

Fri 10th Aug 2012


“Do you want to hear a story...?”

Hecate Theatre Company


Hecate Theatre Co. are previewing their Edinburgh Fringe debut "Metamorphoses: Fables from Ovid" - a critically acclaimed adaptation of the celebrated Roman epic.

"Simplistically clever and slick storytelling" **** -

“Don’t be fooled by the fresh faces and lily-white dresses… This play’s themes make the Saw films look like Dora the Explorer” 7/10 - Bristol Evening Post

Not for the faint-hearted. Six myths from Ovid’s Metamorphoses are retold by four girls and their Matron, in a Victorian boarding school dormitory. The night before their debutant ball, where they will transform (in the eyes of society) into women, they recount stories of transformation to each other, using only bed linen to weave their tales. Horror blends with comedy through inspired staging and a darkly twisted script.

Do you want to hear a story…?

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Admission: £6(£5)

The Crypt, St Paul's Church

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