Party In The USA!

Wed 30th Jul – Mon 25th Aug 2014


“Party In The USA! is a high-octane comedy about a world on the brink of financial and moral ruin.”







In 2008 the global economy collapsed, Obama ran for president, and Jeff took acid for the first time. Party In The USA! is a high-octane comedy about a world on the brink of financial and moral ruin and the psychotropic misadventures of the one guy who can save it.

Jeff’s latest job temping at Deutsche Bank sees him illegally deleting incriminating data, dangling precariously on the precipice of the Great Recession, from which he and his friends are hurled, screaming into its gaping maw. In this howling-laugh-of-shock at the state of the world, Jeff journeys from the penthouse of New York City's famed Plaza Hotel, via an anarchist squat in Germany, to the steps of the US Capitol, fuelled by little more than psychedelic drugs and armed only with a degree in Russian Literature and a bottle of Bud Light Lime.

Party In The USA! is based loosely on the experiences of director Joshua William Gelb who did actually squat in the Plaza Penthouse on an acid binge while working a dubious data entry assignment for a German mega-bank. This true, albeit unbelievable story, has been brought to the stage by playwright David McGee and emerging American physical-theatre company JV Squad in a visual smorgasbord of pulsating live music, dancing, hallucinatory video projections and madcap comedy. Capturing a clear vision of the misgivings of an apathetic society, this raucous and exhilarating production takes you on a frenzied trip to political awareness through the eyes of Jeff and his drug-addled friends.

JV Squad is a new collective of American theatre makers who take personal stories and place them on a global canvas, through a combination of relentlessly athletic physical storytelling and vibrant theatrical spectacle.

Party In the USA! originally ran for two weeks in July 2013 at the Incubator Arts Project in Manhattan. It was sponsored by Bud Light Lime and, despite a scorching heat wave, sold out its entire run. Now it’s time for Edinburgh to get crazy and join JV Squad as they Party In The USA!

Admission: £7 – £12(£11)


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