A Clockwork Orange

Mon 14th – Wed 16th Nov 2011


“A nasty little shocker or a profound exploration of state power and free will?”







Volcano theatre company takes on Burgess’ inventive, disturbing little masterpiece fifty years after it was written.

A nasty little shocker or a profound exploration of state power and free will? A Clockwork Orange may be fifty years old but its description of a corrupt state and bankrupt civil society have never seemed more familiar. In a world like this, how is the nation’s youth to behave? To survive, you have to be feral: violent, drunk, drugged and debauched. With choreographic skill and linguistic exuberance, Volcano charts the progress of Alex and his droogs in this dystopic landscape. Beautifully designed and with extraordinary performances, this production stays true to burgess’ original story both in its cut‐throat inventiveness and in its insistence on the question of whether it is better to be forced to be good or to be free to do evil.

“What’s it going to be then, eh?” You choose.

Radical classics™ are uniquely disruptive versions of widely‐known, popular, canonical or cult texts. The series so far includes Ayckbourn’s Time of My Life and coward’s Private Lives, as well as some of the best known of Shakespeare’s texts, a version of Medea and The Communist Manifesto.

“A restless theatre of ideas. Leaves you reeling from its dark denouement” the Guardian, on 1977

Admission: £13(£9)

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