Ausform Performance Platform

Sat 19th Nov 2011


“a platform for experienced as well as inexperienced artists to take risks in safe place in front of an audience and to share new ideas.”








The Cube Cinema, 19th November 2011

This is what will be going down…

6pm: doors and bar opens (and box office for door sales)

7pm:'Knot Circus' by Jonathan Priest - work in progress

8pm: Double-bill: 'Flog' by Isabelle Cressy and We Can Stay All Day - The Clockwork Moth - work in progress

9pm: 'Keine Angst' by Ira Brand

10pm: after-show party

KNOT CIRCUS – Jonathan Priest (Circus)

What is on the end of your rope? How much rope is enough? If you are politically opposed to the effects of gravity, where should you stand?

Jonathan is a circus artist who will be making knots around these questions.

Jonathan Priest is an international circus performer and member of the company Fan-Atticks.

FLOG – Isabelle Cressy (dance)

What does it really mean when we hear talk of 'The Big Society'? What is 'The Big Society' and who is it really benefiting? Inspired by the forest sell-off debate of late 2010, 'Flog’ looks at power, commercialisation and people through a lens of absurdity and humour.

Isabelle is a freelance interdisciplinary dance artist across the UK and has been supported by Ausform in the development of this piece.

WE COULD STAY ALL DAY – The Clockwork Moth (Puppetry)

Charlie Scullion and Victoria Narewski are Devon-based artists who specialise in the art of shadow puppetry. Their work hearkens back to the glory-days of European shadow puppetry, with elaborate and detailed sets and mechanisms. Clockwork moth enjoy dark humour in their story telling, a treat for both children and adults alike.

'We can stay all day' is based on three days of sound-recording at Paignton Zoo - sounds of animals and the people that look at them: interviews with bewildered toddlers, the fitful slumber of a Pot-bellied Pig, the bad-behaviour of raucous grown-ups.

KEINE ANGST – Ira Brand (Performance Art)

“Sometimes when I’m driving, I shut my eyes. Just to see what that is like. And sometimes, I take my hands off the steering wheel. I put one hand around the handbrake and the other on the base of my seat, and then I hold them there for just a little longer than is safe.”

Keine Angst is an exploration of fear as one of the most fundamental of human emotions, a primal survival mechanism, and the hardest thing to defy.

Keine Angst has been developed with the support of Camden People's Theatre.

AUSFORM PERFORMANCE PLATFORM is a platform for experienced as well as inexperienced artists to take risks in safe place in front of an audience and to share new ideas. The platform maintains a high quality of work and has a policy to invite artists from Bristol mixed with national and international performance practitioners.


Admission: £10

The Cube Microplex

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