Tilt & Tatty-Del Are Making It Work (as part of Off The Peg with Mayfest)

Wed 23rd May 2012


“A week of fringe performances from up-and-coming companies and artists.”





Massive Owl & Tatty-Del



“We drove passed a _______ on its side.

Two crumpled ______ and _______ on the ground.”

Through remembered words and imagined movement, two stories collide.

Tilt is a newly devised work-in-progress performance from Bristol based theatre company Massive Owl. Massive Owl are members of INTERVAL, an artist led support network for performance makers in Bristol.

Tatty-Del Are Making It Work

In summer 2011 friends and collaborators Tatty-Del hold a crisis meeting where, in the face of serial disappointment and existential uncertainty, they resolve to give their partnership one last shot… ‘Tatty-Del Are Making It Work’ is the result.

Agreeing to give their relationship one last shot the pair set out to discover what it takes to hold two people together. The resultant performance uses real-life re-enactments and live game-playing to measure distances in shared ground, potential peaks, pitfalls and tectonic shifts which may push two people together or pull them further apart. We've heard that each person is an island, we want to learn what it takes to build bridges, lock lands and meet together at the sea-shore.

Tatty-del are best friends and performance collaborators Natalie Clarke and Hana Tait.

Admission: £5

The Wardrobe Theatre

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