Sat 17th – Wed 21st Mar 2012


“Behind every war, is a home front. Behind every successful man, is an ambitious woman. Behind the Thane of Cawdor, is his Lady Macbeth.”





As Told By


At the height of the Second World War, amidst the thunder and lightening of blitzing Doodlebugs, Macbeth returns from battle victorious. Unbeknownst to him, the Weird Sisters, three women for whom the War means newfound power on the Home Front, won't let him celebrate for long as they plan to plunge him into a far more personal battle.

One of the sharpest and bloodiest tragedies from the greatest English playwright of all time, As Told By's Macbeth offers an innovative exploration of the role women play in the creation and destruction of the eponymous tyrant. Set in Britain on the Home Front of the Second World War, you will be enraptured in the story of a ruthless and ambitious wife, as her husband rises to great heights and plummets back down.

Macbeth is the first theatrical performance in the impressive Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, which provides an ideal setting for this immersive piece.

Admission: £15(£10)

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

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