King Lear

Thu 22nd Mar 2012


“Enter this Victorian church to experience Better Than Nothing's bold interpretation of this classic tale.”

Better Than Nothing


'Better Than Nothing' is an independent theatre company comprised of students from the University of Bristol. The original production of King Lear, staged in the Wardrobe Theatre last year, has been updated and expanded to be performed in St Paul's Church, Clifton.

The play is set in a Victorian world where the powers of state are intertwined with those of the clergy. This is a touring production, being performed in both Bristol and London, and we are attempting a bold and exciting take on the original classic.

Directed by Edmund Cuthbert & James Bowsher


Lear - Thomas Gilbert

Goneril - Rosie Joly

Regan - Imogen Comrie

Cordelia - Miriam Battye

Duke of Cornwall - Tom Brandhorst

Duke of Albany - Joe Newton

Earl of Gloucester - Jonni Ash

Earl of Kent - Ben Dallyn

Edgar - Harrison Clark

Edmund - Ollie Gyani

Oswald - Misha Patel

Fool - Tash Dummelow

King of France - Theo Scholefield

Duke of Burgundy - Faraz Aghaei

Doctor/Attendant - Letty Thomas

Attendant/Herald - Esther Lawrence

Admission: £8(£5)

St Paul's Church, Clifton

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